The DSP College of Sacred Surgeons, Princeton, NJ, was designed and built to meet the unmet need of conducting rigorous evidence-based research and advanced training in the emerging field of spirituality and healthcare. The College of Sacred Surgeons is an auxiliary organization of Disciples Seminary Princeton.

The DSP College of Sacred Surgeons campus was designed and built to meet the unmet need of a modern facility to conduct frontier research, educate the public and press, and offer training for healthcare professionals to integrate advanced ancient healing practices and interventions into modern care for improved health outcomes and satisfaction. The College, a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization, was made possible through philanthropic support provided by our corporate sponsors, private foundations, individuals, member and public support.

The College is divided into a Research Wing and a Training Wing. The Research Wing maintains several laboratories, most notably the Farrell Lab Princeton and the Genesis Lab, as well as observational galleries for visiting physicians, scientists, chaplains, and patrons. Serves as the central corridor that connects the Research facilities.


Sacred Surgery Theatre*
The Sacred Surgery Theater provides a state-of-the-art environment optimized for researching and documenting the efficacy of Spiritually-Based Interventions to deliver immediate rehabilitative, healing, aesthetic & anti-aging benefits.


Observation Deck*
The Observation Deck serves as a viewing station for to provide an opportunity for in-house scientists, physicians, chaplains, and visiting patrons to observe the application of advanced Spiritually-Based Interventions pioneered and developed at the College of Sacred Surgeons.


Farrell Lab Princeton
The Farrell Lab Princeton for Applied Theology represents the world’s first modern research laboratory dedicated to exploring and documenting the efficacy of Spiritually-Based Interventions (SBIs). To date, preliminary case studies have demonstrated the efficacy Spiritually-Based Intervention (SBI)s to deliver immediate rehabilitative, healing, aesthetic & anti-aging health benefits.


Fellows Training Lab*
The Fellows Training Lab is a clinical training facility equipped with a viewing station for professors dedicated to researching, observing, furthering understanding, and documenting Spiritually-Based Interventions (SBIs).


Pre/Post Care Suite*
The Pre/Post Care Suite is designed for study participants to change prior to and after care.


Private Consult Suite
The Private Consult Suite was designed to accommodate the needs of participants, patrons, and members who request privacy and anonymity while participating in the research, training, and educational activities conducted at the DSP College of Sacred Surgeons.


Research Station*
The Research Station was designed to serve as area of the Research Wing where research scientists, research assistants, chaplains, and medical advisors can work when not directly engaged with participants and students, and can perform some of their duties.


The Training Wing is comprised of Hall of Sacred Surgeons for Grand Rounds, training for members including physicians, chaplains, and other health care professionals. Serves as the central corridor that connects the Training facilities.


Hall of Sacred Surgeons*
The Hall of Sacred Surgeons serves as the college’s educational and training auditorium. The Hall holds Grand Rounds for post-care and innovation breakthroughs, as well as public education, press conferences, and award and certificate ceremonies.


Experiential Learning Studio*
The Experiential Learning Studio is optimal learning environment to train health care professionals in the ancient healing art of yoking the mind, body, and spirit to realize their capacity to serve as conduits of advanced Spiritually-Based Interventions.


Training Clinic
The Training Clinic is a multi-bed clinic that serves as a training facility for students and Fellows to observe, learn, and practice delivering advanced and intermediate Spiritually-Based Interventions.


Think Tank
The Think Tank is a research initiative of the DSP College of Sacred Surgeons and its affiliate the Institute for Spirituality and Healthcare which engages in discussions concerning topics such as designing frontier research studies, developing training programs, social policy, and advancing the mission of the organization.


Board Room*
The Board Room, overlooking the beautiful Carnegie Fountain, is the home of education, presentations, board meetings, and think tank sessions.


Dean’s Planning Room
The Dean’s Planning Room serves as a breakaway room for academic and administrative deans to meet to discuss and plan research, educational, and training activities.


The Sanctuary serves as a designated quiet and meditative place for study participants, and their families, as well as matriculating students and faculty for prayer and mediation. In addition, the Sanctuary serves as a designated place of congregation for chaplains and members for Pre-Care Prayer, and for private and group worship.


The Admissions Office serve as the coordinating office for addressing all steps of the application process, beginning with orientation, and proceeding through application, interview, and decision on application.


College Store
The College Store maintains a selection of College staff lab coats, scrubs, lanyards, car decals, as well as Training Fellows and student apparel. In addition, the College store offers a selection of branded apparel and gifts for its current staff, students, and members. Become a Member to receive your free membership gift and gain access to the College’s on-site store and collection.



*Naming Opportunity. Philanthropists and Partners interested in exploring or underwriting facility space may contact the Philanthropic Development Office


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Disclaimer: The DSP College of Sacred Surgeons is a program of Disciples Seminary Princeton, Princeton, NJ (DSP). DSP is a publicly supported 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, incorporated in 2012, for educational, scientific, research, literary, religious, and charitable purposes. The Institute is not a healthcare facility or a healthcare provider. Traditional Spiritually-Based practices and interventions are not to be used as a substitute for medical care. The College's staff, scientists, chaplains, advisors, members, students, interns, and volunteers do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The DSP College of Sacred Surgeons limits the scope of its research to exploring the potential healing, rehabilitative, aesthetic improvement, and anti-aging benefits of Spiritual Care. The College's staff and students limit their care to ministering solely through spiritual means, without the use of any drug or material remedy. You are solely responsible for continuing with your primary medical provider. The statements and information included on this website and affiliated social media regarding health benefits documented as a result of integrating Traditional Spiritually-Based Practices and Interventions into care have not been evaluated by the FDA. The use of this website and affiliated social media is purely for informational purposes and is not to be construed as a source of healthcare advice. Copyright © 2012-2019 DSP College of Sacred Surgeons, Princeton, NJ. All Rights Reserved.